Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 Goes Live!

And now, a software release that needs no further introduction; please welcome Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2!

Here's the link to information about Beta 2 [note: for those in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the Beta Experience program starts next week]:

Here's a link to the Express Edition Beta 2 installs:

(And for beginners there's the new Absolute Beginner's Video Series 
 and, for hobbyists, the Coding4Fun Developer Center)

Here's the Go Live license for Beta 2 - yes! you can go live with stuff developed on this version!:

Here's a link to more about Team System Beta 2:

And here's exhaustive information about how to remove previous beta versions:

Finally, for what it's worth, I want to extend my sincerest compliments and congratulations to everyone involved in this huge release.  What an awesome effort this has been.  Following along on the internal lists over the weeks leading up to this tremendously stable "Go Live" beta release has been inspirational.

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