It’s a photo finish at the inaugural Guerilla Coding Party!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, after a gruelling overtime slug and a five-minute presentation from each team, the judges met, deliberated, threw shapes, threw chairs, reached consensus, and finally declared Team 3 the winners of the inaugural Guerilla Coding Party!

Let's talk about "close race" here for a second.  At the end of each stage, we had a different team in the lead.  Even the late-breaking Team 4, who didn't win a stage, managed to excel by achieving the only perfect score in one of the judging categories. (In fact, they pulled a Spinal Tap: in that category, their solution went to eleven.)

So let's head down to the field now and recap the team summaries, in no particular order.

The winning Team 3, also known as the Balkan Express, built Cyber NaNNY, a solution for connecting nannies with parents online.

Team 2, refactored as DNJ, created the DNJ Video Shop, which extended local video shops onto the internet.

Team 4, the intriguingly named Sunya (that's Hindi for Zero), blasted out of the starting gates late, and came up with the database component of a solution for helping holiday makers book their vacations.

Team 1, the built-from-parts Team Ad Hoc, built an online book provider that aggregates the results of multiple online booksellers.

So how about that?! Hard-hitting, overtime software development at its best.  Sincerest compliments and congratulations to everyone involved.

And one last thing! -- what great things we sacrifice for the sports we love! I just received this text message from my housemate, who was hosting a dinner at our apartment on this Saturday night. She writes: "Hey, everyone's wasted. You missed 15 hot girls, and amazing food. Sorry you are still working."

With that, folks, I wish you all a good night. This hard-working reporter is heading home to a dish of cold risotto, and an exceptional chance to question his priorities.

Comments (12)

  1. Hey Rob,

    Thanks for the final update. Only wish I could have stayed until the end. Sounds like it was fun.

    And if I were you, I would have stayed at home for those 15 hot girls 😉


  2. Raj says:

    Hi Rob,

    Great live commentry;)

    just…a minor correction… what i said was ‘Sunya’ and not ‘Suyna’… may be it was misspelled…



  3. Robert Burke says:

    Raj — thank you for the note, and my apologies for the misspelling! I’ve updated the page.

    And Brian, you’re absolutely right, I weep for my future 😉

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