WinFX and Avalon for the people

Just a quick note in case you haven't heard: even if you don't have an MSDN subscription, the November Community Tech Preview (CTP) of WinFX and Avalon is yours for the downloading.  It's still early days, but you can get a peek at what's being built, and hey, maybe even influence its development using forums like the blogs and newsgroups.  Rock on.

Comments (2)

  1. Kris says:

    What does the toolkit allow me to do? Can I use it with VS.NET 2003 or should I use VS 2005 beta? Some information on this would be very helpful.

  2. Robert Burke says:

    Kris, very good questions. The toolkit allows you to explore the early functionality of WinFX (the version of the .Net Framework that will ship with Longhorn) and Avalon (the presentation subsystem of Longhorn). The rudimentary tools support (i.e. Autocomplete, project files, etc.) is available only for the VS 2005 beta. There’s more information at the "yours for the downloading" link above, and here is more information about what’s in the CTP itself:

    Hope this helps

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