Avalon3D on Channel 9: Lights, Camera, Viewport3D, Action!

Daniel Lehenbauer, normally the guy responsible for pointing lights and cameras on 3D Avalon scenes, has the camera turned on him instead in this Channel 9 sneak peek into the life of an Avalon 3D software design engineer.

Dan presents a number of the "early days" 3D demos available for Avalon, obliterates his stage fright while coding up some XAML (at warp speed, I might add), and gives a run-down of some of the concepts that people working in 2D space will need to (you know) grok if they want to work with 3D.  I previously pointed out a series of entires in Dan's blog, starting with this one, that introduce 3D concepts with great lucidity.

Thanks very much, Dan, for taking the time to do this.  What a great example of Channel 9 at work: offering an honest inside glimpse, putting a face on a name, and providing a chance for feedback!

Update: What do people think of XAML?  In principle I like it very much.  In practice I feel now like it's an added complication, and I find myself falling back into C# to do things.  I'm not as familiar yet with the Avalon API as I am, with, say, the WinForms one.  Therefore "discoverability" is key, and discovering via XAML is not very friendly right now - something I think will change with augmented tools support.  But is XAML a step in the right direction?

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