There’s nothin’ like a little colourful insight

There are some great blogs out there. 

Hugh's gapingvoid is one of them.  I discovered Hugh through his article on how to be creative.  He "gets it," writes with attitude and style, and etches his insights onto the back of business cards.  (But mind yourself, his language can sometimes be a little colourful.)  Microsoft blogger extraordinaire Robert Scoble wants Hugh to do the drawings for a book he's working on.  I guess you could say Hugh's become a bit of an inspiration.

On the subject of colourful language, if you can handle it (and I find most developers can handle a good cussing every now and again), causticTech is brilliant!  Or should I say it was brilliant - the anonymous, lovable misanthrope behind it, who pulls no punches as he calls the tech world exactly as he sees it, hasn't written any classics like this one on language snobs, or this one on tech books, in a long while.

So there's a little bit of insight and a little bit of humour for you.  A nice prezzie for a Monday afternoon, no? 🙂 Anyone else have any favourites to add to the list?

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  1. alex finn says:

    recently, i have read about the custom of exchanging buisiness cards. indeed, the carton has kanjii letters on it. thats how i am doing it.

    okee-dokee: (were visting the site) usage of offensive terms is not my prefered hire. such people may be considered as artists, by lifestyle whatshowever, but programming is a job with high responsibility for others.

    mass duplication of artwork, thousands of copies, has to be considered twice, if there is a betternment effect in sight, or if it adds confusion.

    script writing is not the same thing as drawing carricatures, and script writing is not the same thing as programming.

    this is a comment, and reflects my personal impression, without reading the details. i measure such stuff by the style of the MAD magazine, so try harder, before etching.

  2. Rob Burke says:

    Alex, I respect your opinion, but for what it’s worth, I’m grateful that gapingVoid has absolutly nothing to do with Mad magazine in terms of either style or content!

  3. Personally, I Huge’s article "How to be Creative" made my morning… Great post Rob!

  4. Alex Finn says:

    thank you. recently, the MAD magazine made an article, two pages Bush and two pages Kerry.

    they had the courage to titulate Kerry as a liar, that’s their opinion…

    now, my question would be what gapinVoid has to do with software devlopement, as i am always getting excited, if paper is given out to people who need more practice.

    yesterday i were observing a little child (3) drawing a mouse, and it was classes better, even in colour, so paper should be allocated to those. i asked her, is it a mouse, and she grinned.

    so if it does not bug you, could you explain me the reason for this "brilliant" stuff?

    i have read a book about William H. Gates, and its written there, they never hire the "brilliant". now, i developed an allergy against this word 🙂

  5. Robert Burke says:

    Marcus — a pleasure, mate… it’s really rare these days that I read something like that and don’t get all cynical. Hugh’s writing, on the other hand, tends to leave me feeling like he’d just said something I totally believe in… but I could never dream of articulating it as well as he does 🙂

  6. Barry says:

    Hey Rob,

    Everyone here in the team had a good laugh reading causticTech – flippin hilarious!


    hope you’re well,


  7. Alex Finn says:

    Mr. Bean it entitled to be "hilarious".

    that’s a search request for the word.

    now, i wouldn’t say he is not funny, but its six years ago or so.

    i dont know if monty phyton is "hilarious", but i will look up the word later tonight.

    just asking: were you really reading it?

  8. Robert Burke says:

    Barry – nice one mate, wishing you and the rest of the Nitec crew all the best. I’m off to Canada for a little white Chrimbo with family and hope we’ll have a chance to catch up in the New Year!

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