MSN Toolbar Suite beta released

My first impression is that the MSN Toolbar Suite is very cool.  Find out more here at Channel 9.

[UPDATE 15 Dec: Yes, it's cool. I use it as a single point-of-search for Outlook and my local documents. However, I still use, um, another web search engine, because I still think MSN's Web Search is lagging well behind the competition.

After you've installed the Toolbar, right-click on the "Indexing" (magnifying glass) icon on your taskbar, open the Help file, and read "Tips and Tricks."]

Comments (3)

  1. How does it compare with the Google Desktop Search?

  2. Robert Burke says:

    The feature sets are a little different, and so is the integration.

    On that second issue, I really like the MSN Deskbar. Through one customizable shortcut (Ctrl-Alt-M), it provides a one-stop search solution for local and web hunts. (Google’s Deskbar doesn’t search locally yet, but there’s no reason it couldn’t eventually integrate with their Desktop Search.)

    Of course, the web search algorithms differ between the two engines. For me, the jury’s out on which one returns better results. I often find myself searching both these days, just to compare. 🙂

  3. Robert Burke says:

    Yeah. I’m still not sold on MSN’s web search. As a specific example, I was in a presentation today on financial institutions in Ireland. Trying to find their home pages, my google bar returned all 3 of them as the first hit: "Northern Rock Ireland," "LABrokers" and "Prima Finance." Even though I’ve configured MSN’s locality to "Dublin, Ireland," it still went 0 for 3.

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