One man and his Blog

It's time I propelled myself head-first into the world of blogging, so that once again I can get into my habit of sticking post-it notes up here on the Intarweb!

I've been doing stuff like this since long before "blogging" was even a word.  When I was first living abroad, I'd weave together stories and photos to post on the web for my friends and family back home, to give them a glimpse at the cool stuff I was getting up to.  But it slowly dawned on me that I'd acquired a captive audience -- on both sides of the ocean -- of people intrigued by my escapades for reasons I couldn't possibly have predicted!  So the stories continued to write themselves.

And now here I am, some five years later, beginning my time with Microsoft in a role they call Developer Evangelist.

From what I can tell, that means my job is to help developers build amazing things.  And that sounds like great fun!

So I guess my first mission is to figure out how I can help.  Watch this space, and I'll do my best to keep you informed about what's going on here in Dublin.

wishing you all the best,

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  1. It's been almost three years since I joined Microsoft to work with developers in Ireland. During that

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