Dr Strangelove wrapup

At long last, I’m back from the road trip that sent us careening to the far corners of this island to get a chance to meet with developers.  In both Belfast and Galway I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who had thoughtful (and deep) questions, and were keen to build community by starting local user…


Rob and Clare hit the road

We’re taking Dr Strangelove on tour!  Up to Belfast tomorrow and Galway Wednesday.  I’ll return with photos, stories and, I’m sure, lots of excitement for the Avalon CTP that’s sitting on my desktop waiting for me to play with it.


Avalon CTP Release – bring on the 3D!

If you’re an MSDN subscriber (including Academic), and you’re interested in graphics (including 3D), visualization, or the next version of Longhorn’s presentation system — then today is your lucky day! The November 2004 Community Technical Preview (CTP) of Avalon was released this morning.  That means that those of us who still run WinXP on our…


Upcoming Labcast: Developing Smartphone Applications in Managed Code

I’ve just discovered a phenomenon called a Labcast, where participants not only watch a Webcast (audio and video delivered over the web), but also are provided with a lab document and encouraged to build a sample application over the course of the session.  It’s a really cool idea.  If you’ve been part of a Webcast…


Developer and Nuclear Fusion

Kudos to Clare and everyone else involved in bringing together the Dublin developer community at yesterday’s Dr Strangelove movie night.  Dublin’s Sugar Club was the swanky cool backdrop for an evening that involved developer and nuclear fusion, and once again I’ve posted some photos from the event.  I enjoyed meeting more of the community, and look…


The Imagine Cup

The Imagine Cup is a group of international student competitions united by the theme that technologies can help “dissolve the boundaries between us.”  Participants may make entries into a number of categories that are as diverse as Software Design, Technology Business Plan and Short Film.  All 9 categories are open to students at the post-secondary level, and there are…


Upcoming Discussion: Web Services Standards Stack and WSE 2.0

Eamon O’Tuathail, winner of the Microsoft EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Security Championship 2004, will be giving a talk next week on the Web Services Standards Stack and WSE 2.0.  The talk is on the evening of the 22nd of November at the St Stephen’s Green hotel.  Here’s some more information about the event.  Looking…


Halo 2 launches. Hilarity ensues

Great night out yesterday at the Halo 2 launch party in Dublin.  There must have been hundreds of people there (I’ve heard 600).  During a rumble against a young lad (who was clearly well versed in the Halo universe) I was reminded that my reflexes aren’t what they used to be.  Oh, and also that…


Belated MSDN Day Dublin photos

Last Wednesday, Microsoft hosted the MSDN Day Dublin event at my old stomping ground, MediaLabEurope.  There were several excellent sessions, and Eric Rudder gave an insightful and lucid keynote on the future of the server technologies. I took some photos, both at the event and at Clare’s afterparty in McGruder’s (my old “local” pub).  I finally…


Irish blogging community

I’m still trying to get my finger on the pulse of Dublin’s blogging community.  Marcus, Kieran and Paschal are among the more prolific bloggers I’ve found so far.  (In fact, Paschal even keeps a list of Irish bloggers.) Paul has a cool blog here at Microsoft, and so does Bill (who, along with Clare, has been thoughtfuly…