Query Your BitLocker ID and Password

I could not boot my laptop today because I was prompted for my BitLocker Recovery Key and did not have the associated .txt or .bek files.  So, fortunately, I was able to call our helpdesk and have them provide me with the password.  I could then boot my system,  Whew!

Once I was back in Windows, I wanted to display the BitLocker ID and password for my boot drive.  To do so, I launched an elevated command prompt and issued the following command:

manage-bde -protectors -get c:

This then displayed "All Key Protectors", including the ID (which is just a GUID) and the password necessary to unlock the drive in the future.  Note that the password is the same value that the helpdesk gave me.

I am posting this to remind myself of how to get this information in the future.  I hope it helps someone else, too.


Comments (7)

  1. Ritch says:

    Thanks – this post greatly helped!!!

  2. Beau says:

    Hi i did this but all it does is display the Numerical Password : then ID

    Same with the TPM and PIN. It only has the ID it doesnt actually give me the password 🙁 heeeelllllpppp

  3. Clarity says:

    While the tools calls it "Numeric password" it is also known as the Recovery Key or code.   You cannot get your actual PIN value only a recovery key that will unlock the drive and let you change the PIN incase you have forgotten it.

    1. nate kolvek says:

      manage-bde -protectors -get only displays numerical password ID and NO key. Win 10 Pro. This machine was an upgrade from 7, well done 10 upgrade… No TPM on this machine and not connected to a domain. only displays as Password: {id} Numerical password {id} and thats IT. Will NOT accept numerical password id for drive unlock under recovery key options.

  4. AEH says:

    Thanks!  This worked for me after having the same problem you had.  You need to run command as administrator.

  5. Erin Pearson says:

    Need key to unlock my bitlocker drive, so I can perform a PC reset and fix the constant freezing up.

  6. osaghae Kennedy says:

    ls help me with my bit locker password …I can’t access my hdd .I remove the cmos battery from my laptop in other for the bios password to erase after placing it back it started requesting for bit lock recovery key.
    Dell latitude E6430
    win 7
    8gb ram

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