The ALM Readiness Treasure Map v2.1 has been released!

After a lot of hard work by my fellow pirates, v2.1 of the Treasure Map application has shipped and is now available in the Windows Store.  If you are running Windows 8.1, this is the version that you will get when you install it.  If you are still running Windows 8.0, you will get v2.0…


The ship is leaving port for the open seas

The ALM Readiness Treasure Map v2.1 has begun its journey to release.  We will keep you posted as to its status.  Note that although it is listed as Release 3, this is version 2.1 of the application.  This will be reflected in the settings for the application once published. FIRST UPDATE:  We’ve passed two more…


ALM Readiness Treasure Map Status and Future (Arrr!)

Hello, fellow pirates!  Hopefully you have had a chance to use version 2.0 of the ALM Readiness Treasure Map application  and are enjoying the improvements that it brought over v1.0.  Our team has been working on even more improvements in v2.1, primarily around Windows 8.1 compatibility.   If you’ve been living on an ALM-free island…


Debugging VS2013 Websites Using 64-bit IIS Express

6 April 2016 Update: Added the correct values for VS2015.   If you are working on ASP.NET MVC web sites in Visual Studio 2013 (VS2013) or 2015 (VS2015), you need to make one registry change if you want to run IIS Express as a 64-bit process by default.  Use one of the methods, below. Within…


Get a list of all users who have checked files into a TFS Project

Have you ever wanted to get a list of all the users who have ever checked files into a TFS instance?  Here’s how to do so from PowerShell: tf history * /format:detailed /recursive /noprompt | Select-String “User:” | Sort-Object | Get-Unique Note that if you want this to appear in a GUI window, drop everything starting…


Redirecting TFS Command Output to Files

Today I discovered that you can redirect the output of Team Foundation Service’s tf.exe command to a file.  I thought that because it displayed dialog boxes as the results of commands that you couldn’t redirect its output to files.  However, commands such as tf history will do just that when you specify redirection, such as:…


ALM Readiness Treasure Map v2 about to be published!

Hopefully you’ve been following all of the hard work invested by the ALM Rangers since version 1 of our ALM Readiness Treasure Map was published back in January 2013. What is it? The ALM Readiness Treasure Map is a Windows 8 Store Application that brings all of the sources of Microsoft-produced Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)…


Key Management Services (KMS) Windows Client Setup Keys

This document includes keys for Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012. Rob  


Administering Team Foundation Service (on the web, not on-premise)

If you are using Team Foundation Service (i.e. in the cloud, not our on-premise Team Foundation Server), finding the administration pages from the web site can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to look. Log into your TFS account.  If you don’t have one, you can sign up at  In the…


Measuring How Long Commands Take in Windows

I was considering installing the timeit.exe command on my new laptop, but read that it may not work on the latest versions of Windows.  So, I found an article on StackOverflow that recommended using the Measure-Command command in PowerShell.  You use it as follows: PS C:\> Measure-Command { Get-ChildItem } Days              : 0Hours             : 0Minutes           : 0Seconds          …