Solved: The working folder is already in use by the workspace

When trying to map a local folder to a TFS server as a different user than the one under which I was logged in, I kept getting the message:

The working folder is already in use by the workspace [workspace name];[owner] on computer [tfs server].

I was finally able to map the folder by first deleting the local workspace as the logged in user:

tf workspace /delete /server:[tfs server] [workspace name];[owner]

Note that the "owner" was the currently logged-in user.

Thanks to the "Geek-A-Boo" blog for the solution at this page.


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  1. Duh says:

    Can people not give a goddam example?

  2. Duh says:

    /server is causing me to punch f** ing holes in the wall.

    Is it a name, a URL, what the f*** is it???

  3. example says:

    tf workspace /delete /server: WorkspaceSomething;DomainNameSomethingUserInitialsSomething

  4. Manikanth says:

    Thank you

    It worked 🙂

  5. Likia says:


    tf workspaces /owner:* /computer:* /server:http://MyServer:8080/tfs/MyCollection

    to find all workspaces


    tf workspace /delete /server:https://[yours] [workspacename];[username]

    to delete a specific workspace.

    More here:…/change-computer-name-for-a-tfs-workspace

  6. why says:

    Why do we have to go back to the 1990's? I hate the console.

  7. Vibhanshu Sahu says:

    This worked for me :

    Eg –

    tf workspace /delete /server <TFS Server Name> <WorkspaceName>;<Owner>

    P.S. – Remove the angular brackets

  8. R Kaufman says:

    this work perfectly to resolve the issue

  9. OzBobWa says:

    Well, almost resolved.  It depends which user your visual studio is logged in as (MSDN registration), as well as which user your TFS is logged in as.

    And here's a way to get it from not the console …. mostly.

    Scenario: Change the active TFS current developer user that is checking-in.

    Error when trying to map to the same folder as previous user. i.e. C:Dev

    Aim: To change from UserA to UserB. Both are registered as users in Visual Studio Online/TF.

    Note 1 This will delete the folders and files of code – please ensure you have a backup.

    Note 2 If you leave files not under source control then step 9 will fail. Remove them and try again.


    1 Close VS

    2 List the current user's workspaces: open Command prompt:

    "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0Common7IDEtf.exe" workspaces

    If UserA is not listed here then you will have to do 'Switch User', as per Step 4 below.

    3 Rename C:Dev to C:DevBackup


    1 Open VS.

    2 Open Team Explorer

    3 Up near home there is a little down arrow, click it choose 'Projects and My Teams', choose 'Connect to Team Projects'

    Option 1 no popup appears, click 'Select Team Projects …' under the Team Explorer pane's Connect item.

    4 A popup appears, in the bottom left, if not UserA, then click Switch User and type in UserA's credentials.

    5 Confirm Current userA has a mapped folder

    6 Click the Home/House icon,

    7 Click Source Control Explorer

    8 Right click the top Folder on the left pane, choose Advanced | Remove mappings

    9 Make sure the root path matches your original UserA Local Folder

    10 Click Remove Mapping button (ensure 'recursive' is selected)

    11 open up most of the tree of projects in Source Control Explorer and make sure no folders are still mapped.

  10. Duh says:

    Boy, I was angry back in January.. lol

  11. Zen says:

    before you can find peace with the server you must find peace within your sole

  12. nattimorgan says:

    Thanks guys, Sidekicks worked very well for me.

  13. Chungph says:

    Thankyou all, Sidekicks also worked very well for me, note that must choose wide range of access time to display all the workspaces

  14. Warren says:

    You can use a product called Team Foundation Sidekicks if you do not like the console.

  15. JohnLBevan says:

    Another way around this issue is to change the workspace to a shared workspace; thus if you have a machine on which multiple developers will be working (e.g. a build server) you can resolve the issue without having to delete another user's workspace each time.  More info here:…/shared-workspace

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