Azure management Libraries for .NET

Ever wondered on how to manage Azure using .NET instead of PowerShell.  Get yourselves introduced to MAML  


Microsoft Maniacs – User group

Are you living in and around DC? Would you prefer to attend 100+ Microsoft fans meet-up and collaborate with them once a month? Here you go. Register right away and be part of 100s of Microsoft Technology fans here – We invite MVPs to give a presentation on various topics on Microsoft Technology Stack.  Do…


Azure and MSDN subscription

Do you know that your MSDN subscription can bring some Azure credits to you monthly? Yes.  Based on your level of subscription, you can get $50 to $150 per month. For more details refer this link –  


Want to try Azure for free?

If you want to try Windows Azure, need not to worry for paying to Microsoft. Get the free pass from Use Promo code as MSL001 and proceed with sign-up process. The sign-up process would ask you to provide Firstname, lastname and address details. Make sure the firstname and lastname matche with the login credentials…


Learn on IOCompletion threads and worker threads from this short video

Watch this video to learn about 1.  When to use IO Completion threads and worker threads. 2. The common mistakes the developer do when connecting to other web services / IO bound operation that block the worker threads 3. What actually Min and max Worker Threads count to the thread pool means? Short good video…


Threading deep dive – Day 10

In the previous day we saw what would happen underneath when we create a managed thread and how it maps to native thread. That is what would happen when a managed thread executes a native / managed code.  There are situations where native thread executing the native code would need to execute managed code. For…


Threading deep dive – Day 9

Atomic operation on Multi-core / Multi processors machine. Executing atomic operation is relatively less expensive In a single processor / core machine, when compared to the multi processor machine. Operating system on single processor machine can simply make  sure the scheduler does not preempt the atomic operation executing thread by raising the IRQL  is sufficient….


Threading deep dive – Day 8

Volatile Read / Writes  MSDN says “The volatile modifier is usually used for a field that is accessed by multiple threads without using the lock statement to serialize access. Using the volatile modifier ensures that one thread retrieves the most up-to-date value written by another thread.”  And refer C# language specification for volatile field.  Now…


Threading deep dive – Day 7

Reads / Writes to the memory Before we jump in to atomic operations, I would like to give some information on order of reads and writes into the  main memory. The chip makers are under pressure to make the processor faster and faster.  To improve processor performance, the chip makers introduce multiple caches between the…


How to constrain your server?

Today our team wanted to perform load testing our application on a low end server. The server we have is of 8 proc, 16 GB RAM and 64bit configuration. We wanted to load test our application multiple times by making it run on different number of processors and different amount of physical memory each time….