Updates to MSIPC SDK

Hi Everyone,

This post is a bit overdue and, you'll want to know about the following updates to the RMS SDK 2.1 (MSIPC). As of April, these additions have been made to the SDK. For further details see the Release Notes topic for the SDK on MSDN.

  • Document tracking is now possible through a set of new APIs. For more information, see Tracking Content.
  • Encryption type - We now support API level control for selection of the encryption package. For more information, see Working with encryption.
    • Note - We will no longer be exposing the IPC_LI_DEPRECATED_ENCRYPTION_ALGORITHMS flag in our API. This means that future apps will no longer compile if they reference this flag, but apps already built will continue to work since we will honor the flag privately in the API code. Getting the benefit of the old deprecated encryption algorithms flag can still be achieved simply by changing a flag. For more information, see Working with encryption.
  • Server Mode Applications, those using an API mode value of IPC_API_MODE_SERVER, no longer require an application manifest. You can test your application against a production RMS server and are not required to obtain a production license when switching to production environment. For more information on server mode applications, see Application types.
  • Logging is now implemented through both file and Event Tracing for Windows methods.
  • If you're running on a Windows 7 SP1 machine, see the note following under "Important developer notes".

Please let us know of any thoughts or feedback you may have through the comments section below.

Thank you,
Bruce on behalf of Dan

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