File API Sample Application using AD RMS SDK 2.1


We wanted to share with you our latest sample application built on AD RMS 2.1 RC using File API functionality. Kunal will introduce you to the new sample.




I'm Kunal Chawla and am a Test Lead in the IP team. We've got a new sample app we think you'll appreciate.

IpcDlp is a sample rights-enabled Data Leak Prevention (DLP) application utilizing File API. This sample takes you through the basic steps that a DLP rights-enabled application should perform using the File API component of AD RMS SDK 2.1 for protecting and consuming restricted content. It is a rich rights-enabled sample application that runs on Windows desktop and demonstrates how you can associate IPC templates with certain file types using the File APIs to encrypt and decrypt using selected templates.

Give the IpcDlp sample a try and let us know what you think. You can download AD RMS SDK 2.1 from here and IP Viewer from here.  RMS SDK 2.1 documentation is now available here

 Kunal Chawla - Senior Test Lead

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