Welcome to the Rights Management Services Team Blog!

Welcome to the Rights Management Services Team Blog or RMS Team Blog. We will regularly use the term RMS when we are referring to this Windows Server 2003 Service developed to give companies the ability to add persistent protection to information across the enterprise.

A little background on the RMS Team: Microsoft organizes its teams into two major categories; the first is the Product Unit which is composed of Development, Program Management and Test, the second is the Product Marketing team which incorporates Marketing, Product Management and Product Planning. This RMS team blog will be a cross-team effort incorporating input from all of these disciplines. My name is Keith Brintzenhofe, I am the Rights Management Services Product Unit Manager, or RMS PUM as we say in the office. You will get to know a broad range of the team over time as many of the people in this extended team share their knowledge and insights. It is exciting for all of us to participate in this medium to help you understand more about what we are doing in the field of Enterprise Rights Management (more about that in later posts).

We are seeking to reach out to a broad constituency in this blog including customers, partners, institutions, organizations and the general community of interest in this area. We will continually seek to improve our offering through these communications and look forward to your input and insight as well. It is really important to us that through your participation and feedback we can build better product and serve our customers better and support the industry as a whole. We are hoping not only for your comments on the topics but also recommendations and requests for additional topic areas and feedback on the quality and depth of the postings.

Some of the categories that we will be focusing on in coming posts will be:

  • Industry Trends such as Enterprise Rights Management
  • RMS Deployment and Administration
  • Development opportunities -  Posts on SDK
  • Partner solutions – posts regarding work done by our partners
  • Tools – Toolkit tools
  • Tips ‘n Tricks – suggestions, tweaks, optimizations
  • Troubleshooting – solutions to standard problems, Dos and Don’ts, etc
  • Team Bios – small articles about individual bloggers who contribute to the team blog.

We will seek to keep this content fresh and regular so that you will find this the RMS Team Blog be an important and up-to-date resource. We will also make sure that a compilation of existing public information is available and easy to find. Our early posts will set the tone and lay the foundation and then regular posting will follow. Thank you and welcome to the RMS Team Blog.

Keith Brintzenhofe


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  1. Joe King says:

    Well, this will be a great way to follow interesting topics about RMS from Microsoft. Looking forward to many interesting discussions.

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