Supported way of eliminating (large) JS files for SharePoint 2010

During an onsite visit at a customer who were very busy at creating an Internet facing website using SharePoint 2010,  I was asked if the technique that was described by my buddy Chris O’Brien to prevent the loading of unnecessary .js files was supported yes or not. And if not, if Microsoft had an alternative….


Optimizing SQL for SharePoint

Introduction When I do Risk Assessments (that’s the proactive side of my job, rather than fixing issues, I’m trying to prevent issues from happening 🙂 at customers, certain things always popup when it comes to the configuration of SQL server and I wanted to share these things with you so hopefully this things won’t be…


Qx events in the Developer Dashboard

Introduction What’s one the first things you will turn on when you are troubleshooting performance problems? Right.. the awesomely Developer Dashboard! (honestly, I cannot comprehend on how troubleshooting was done in the 2003/2007 time.. respect! 🙂 I actually assuming that you know what it is, so I won’t go over what it actually is other…


SharePoint Search and performance

Introduction During a CritSit, I came across a very interesting problem that was related to the Search Service. Before I arrived onsite, this was the scope to solve the issue: We will consider this case solved and ready to be closed once we provide the information on how the numbers of items crawled will affect…


Unexpected Query Execution Failure

If you use your favorite search engine to search on the following error Unexpected query execution failure, error code 282. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. "The ‘proc_GetTpWebMetaDataAndListMetaData’ procedure attempted to return a status of NULL, which is not allowed. A status of 0 will be returned instead." Query text (if available):…


Modifying an alert e-mail for discussion lists

This post is about discussion lists and customizing their alerts, maybe it’s not the most shocking topic in the world but it took me some time to get it all working and there are not a lost of posts around, so hence this one.. 😉 I was at a customer last week week who had…


Want to have SharePoint code approved by Microsoft?

If you ever wanted to know if your SharePoint code is good enough, then look no further than MSOCAF which stands for Microsoft Online Code Analysis Framework. This tool was primarily build to validate custom SharePoint code that will run in BPOS-D farms (SharePoint online dedicated) however nothing is stopping you from downloading the tool…


Living the PFE life

First of all, welcome back if already know me. If you don’t know me; Hi, I’m Robin,  I’ve been a SharePoint developer/consultant for the last six years and to bring you up to speed, I have an old blog from my previous employer that I would like to invite you to take a look at…