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FP History

Every once in a while I forget how many happy people are out there using FrontPage and are passionate about it. Edward Lewis from SEO Consultants, pointed me to a fun history of FrontPage that his company put together. Oh, and Happy Saint Patricks day…… Read more

A New Era

As a first matter of business, I’ll make a quick apology for my absence from this blog. What can I say? Bad blogger. Bad blogger. I promise to do better going forward. Next – lots of exciting news today about the Office 2007 line-up, not the least of which is the announcement about Microsoft Office… Read more

The SharePoint wave

In my second post I talked about trends in web site authoring and left off with one more trend – the growing popularity of SharePoint. Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is a layer over and IIS for collaborative web sites and it ships as part of Windows Server 2003. WSS includes some site templates and… Read more

Fun with MVPs

We had a great time visiting with the FrontPage MVPs last week and I want to thank them for taking a few days out of their schedules to come to Redmond. I’m always impressed with the passion and excitement our MVPs bring to the summit and last week was no exception. We spent half the… Read more

MVP summit

The MVP summit starts up today – welcome FP MVPs! I’m looking forward to meeting up with you all so we can show what we have coming in FrontPage 12. I’ll be looking to meet SharePoint MVPs too…. Read more

A higher bar

Before diving into feature talk, I think it is worth spending a little time talking about trends we’ve seen in Web site authoring, the direction we’ve seen customers going over the last few years, and the impact of these on what we’ve built in FrontPage 12. One significant trend we’ve seen is the “professionalization” of… Read more

About this blog

Welcome! Let me introduce myself, my name is Rob Mauceri and I’m the Group Program Manager for FrontPage. I’m going to use this blog to talk about what is coming in the next release of FrontPage – code named “FrontPage 12”. This version of FrontPage will ship sometime next year, on the same timeline as… Read more