I am leaving Microsoft

The blog has been a blast, and though I may be terrible at responding to all your comments, believe me I will miss interacting with users on this platform. You no doubt have countless questions 😉 FAQ: Where are you going? I’ll be heading over to work for Citrix (doing software development of course) Where…


Micro Blog Post – Open Door / Closed Door Problem and TypeScript Solution

  The open door / closed door problem was just something I was messing with after an interview question about it. Wanting to verify that my original solution was actually correct (it was)   You can check it out here on typescript playground (which is a sweet playground): http://www.typescriptlang.org/Playground/#src=%0Aclass%20Door%20%0A%7B%0A%20%20%20%20status%3A%20boolean%3B%09%0A%7D%0A%0Avar%20doors%20%3D%20new%20Array()%3B%0A%0Afor%20(var%20i%3D0%3B%20i%3C100%3B%20i%2B%2B)%0A%7B%0A%09var%20newDoor%20%3D%20new%20Door()%3B%0A%09newDoor.status%20%3D%20false%3B%0A%09doors.push(newDoor)%3B%09%0A%7D%0A%0Afor%20(var%20x%3D0%3B%20x%20%3C%20doors.length%3B%20x%2B%2B)%0A%7B%0A%09for%20(var%20y%3Dx%3B%20y%20%3C%20doors.length%3B%20y%20%3D%20y%20%2B%20x%20%2B%201)%0A%09%7B%0A%09%09if%20(doors%5By%5D.status%20%3D%3D%20false)%0A%09%09%7B%0A%09%09%09doors%5By%5D.status%20%3D%20true%3B%0A%09%09%7D%20%09%0A%09%09else%0A%09%09%7B%0A%09%09%09doors%5By%5D.status%20%3D%20false%3B%09%0A%09%09%7D%0A%09%7D%09%0A%7D%0A%0Afor%20(var%20z%20%3D%200%3B%20z%20%3C%20doors.length%3B%20z%2B%2B)%0A%7B%0A%09var%20listthing%20%3D%20document.createElement(‘li’)%3B%0A%09listthing.textContent%20%3D%20doors%5Bz%5D.status%3B%0A%09document.body.appendChild(listthing)%3B%0A%7D%0A%0A     Open Door / Closed…

GitHub Language Correlation for Jan 1 2014 – Feb 1 2015

GitHub seems like a great place to view some statistics regarding development languages. I wanted to see what I could find out there in regards to GitHub data. There were a couple choices I had: use their open API (which allow for a limited set of use daily) or use Google’s Big Query engine which…


TypeScript Generic Collection Implementation, it’s, you know, generic

 I had the need for a Generic Collection like data structure recently while messing around in TypeScript (while making this goofy implementation of the Medical School / Resident Matching Algorithm….with balls for some reason) You can check out the implementation in a nice typescript playground on typescript.org sandbox, or if you’d rather I have it below….