Configuring People Picker in One Way Trust environment

I am sharing below steps that I followed to setup people picker:

Configure both the DCs

Created two DCs for and domains

-          Other info

o   SharePoint setup is in

o users should get access to SharePoint

o trusts

o   Outgoing trust to be created for ramrk15 to sky15

-          In domain and trust

o   Raised the domain and forest function level to Windows server 2003 in both DC

-          In DNS of

o   Properties > Forwarders TAB

o   Add the IP of DC

o   Do vice-versa in’s DC

Setting Outgoing Trust in ramrk15









Setting incoming trust in




Validating the Trust

          After that is done went back to dc to validate the trust




In SharePoint

On SharePoint server ran below command:

o   stsdm -o setapppassword -password Passw0rd

o   stsadm -o setproperty -url http://ramr1820195 -pn peoplepicker-searchadforests -pv ";",sky15\administrator,password


          Now the users are listed in people picker from the

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  1. Jeff M. says:

    Make sure the password for the domain user does not have any special characters. I recently ran into an issue setting this up and it turned out to be a ' (apostrophe) in the password. This caused the people picker to fail but did not generate any log or other error messages. If you are having issues getting this to work make sure the password is only characters and numbers.

  2. Swanl says:


    Can you elaborate on sky15administrator,password here.  what permission that this account need to have on and


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