How to handle the trailing slash in a WCF HTTP Service

The other day I got this tweet from Adam @ronljacobs anyway to do something like: [WebGet(UriTemplate = "{id}", IgnoreTrailingSlash = true)] want {id} and {id}/  to be the same Off hand I didn’t know the answer but now that I’m back from Tech-Ed I decided to take a look at the problem. I went to…


System.Web.Routing RouteTable not working with IIS?

Most of the time I write simple apps that run in the local ASP.NET development server.  I noticed when I started working with IIS more because of Windows Server AppFabric that my routes were not working when the web application is deployed in IIS. For Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4 and IIS 7.5 here…

6 – How to Do API Key Verification with a WCF WebHttp (REST) Service

In .NET 3.5, we created the REST Starter Kit as a way to get you up and running with RESTful services. Now that .NET 4 is out, people are asking how to do things like API Key Verification in .NET 4. In this episode, I’ll walk you through a sample based on my blog post on…


How to do API Key Verification for REST Services in .NET 4

Recently somebody asked me about doing APIKey verification in .NET 4.  Previously in .NET 3.5 we provided the REST Starter Kit which included a fair bit of server side code to enable a collection of RequestInterceptor objects that we showed doing API Key verification.  In this post I’ll show you how you can be a…


Today on – Creating an AJAX Enabled WCF Service

After having worked through the WCF Sample ComplexTypeAjaxService and making a few improvements I decided to do an episode of where I show it to you.   Check it out here.


Windows Workflow in .NET 4 and Web Services

Today I published 10-4 episode 29: Workflow Web Services on our Channel 9 10-4 Show about Workflow Services in .NET 4 beta 1.  People have asked me why they would want to implement a web service with a workflow rather than with code using WCF.  It is a valid question.  Over the next few blog…