WCF and AppFabric Auto-Start

Auto-start is a really cool feature of Windows Server AppFabric.  Recently I was asked about how you can do some kind of process initialization in your code with Auto-start (which the documentation implies that you can do).  This led to a discussion with a number of questions that we want to address What does Auto-start…


AppFabric WCF DataService (C#)

Today I’m happy to announce the availability of a new Feature Builder based template for Windows Server AppFabric and WCF Data Services.  This template is an evolution of the previous AppFabric-enabled WCF Data Service (C#) template. WCF Data Services enables the creation and consumption of OData services for the web (formerly known as ADO.NET Data…


AppFabric-enabled WCF Data Service Walkthrough (C#)

In this walkthrough I’ll show you how to use the AppFabric-enabled WCF Data Service (C#) template for Visual Studio 2010 to enhance your WCF Data Services by providing Monitoring events and errors to the AppFabric Data Store Eliminating the need to use the .svc extension in your URI Requirements Visual Studio 2010 .NET Framework 4…


Need Help Moving from WF 3.5 to WF 4?

Here are some helpful resources Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Migration Guidance for WF 4 This Code Gallery project contains the code samples to help .NET developers better understand and evaluate Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. The code accompanies a collection of documents that the WF product team is providing to…


endpoint.tv – Windows Server AppFabric Local Security

In this episode, Michael McKeown describes the security model used in Windows Server AppFabric, which spans Windows Security Groups and SQL Server Database Roles.


Monitoring WCF Data Service Exceptions with Windows Server AppFabric

After my previous post about how you can monitor service calls with AppFabric, several people asked about how you can capture errors with AppFabric.  Unfortunately, the default error handling behavior of WCF Data Services does not work well with AppFabric.  Though it does return HTTP status codes to the calling application to indicate the error,…


How to detect if Windows Server AppFabric is installed

Here is a little PowerShell script that will tell you if Windows Server AppFabric is installed edit 6/29 – thanks for the comments – this is a much cleaner script – Ron function IsWindowsServerAppFabricInstalled() { if(Get-HotFix -Id "KB970622") {$true} else {$false} } IsWindowsServerAppFabricInstalled


DataCache.Put with Regions

If you really want to understand how something works.  Try creating an interface and then creating a stubbed implementation that behaves exactly the same way.  It’s a big job but wow – I’m learning so much about Windows Server AppFabric Caching by doing this. Consider this method DataCache.Put public DataCacheItemVersion Put ( string key, Object…


Setting Up Windows Server AppFabric – order matters

What to do if your IIS Manager has no Deploy menu item Over the weekend I setup a new machine.  When everything was installed I opened the IIS manager and right clicked on the default website so I could deploy a package and… there was no “Deploy” menu option.  This has happened to me before…


endpoint.tv – Developing Services with IIS/Windows Server AppFabric

To those nearly 5000 people who tried to watch this video today… sorry.  I forgot to publish the video correctly for Channel 9 and didn’t realize it until a couple of hour ago. As I mentioned previously in my post on Developing Services with IIS/Windows Server AppFabric it is possible to work with AppFabric directly…