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I know I said that my previous post was my last post.  Today I checked my Microsoft email for the first time in a long time and I found several emails from people asking for an update on my condition so here goes...

It's Worse

Since I wrote my previous post in January my condition has become much worse. I have now reached the point that I can no longer walk my dog and I rarely leave home. I spend most of my days in severe pain and try to sleep as much as possible because it is the only time I don't feel the pain but even sleep is impossible without medication.

But there's new hope

I recently learned about a new experimental treatment for Dercums Disease. Unfortunately, this treatment is not covered by insurance so I've started a fundraiser to get the money I need to pay for this treatment. I've spoken with 2 people who had this disease and have recovered wonderfully after treatments with a CVAC machine. If you want to donate or learn more just click on the right and thanks for your support

Comments (4)

  1. Jurie Smit says:

    Good luck Ron.

    Only recently discovered all the great work you've done on WF.

    Praying for your speedy recovery.

  2. SnowAttitudes says:

    Dear Ron,

    I really enjoy your videos and tutorials. But I really sad to hear your current suffering. If you read this, I urge you to get second opinion from the alternative medicine. There were many success in Homeopathy and Chinese Traditional medicine. For me, those guys don't know how to make 100-page medical report. But  they know how to heal. On the other technique that I use is using your mind to counter the sickness. Scientifically, if your mind is down or under pressure, your body would produce negative consequences due to imbalance bio-chemical reactions. Meditation and remember jokes and feeling good about yourself is more important now. Although, I am from Malaysia, my pray would be so near to you for your fast recovery. Hope you would stand stronger than your pain.

  3. I really like your work and how you present it.  Your articles helped me a lot.  Will keep you in my prayers.

  4. Our prayers are with you says:

    Your contributions to tech community are invaluable.

    we pray for your speed recovery.

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