Nuget Package Images


The NuGet team has recently added the ability to store the package icon URL in the nuspec file.

Now I need to have a public copy of the icon available somewhere on the web.  I tried putting it on CodePlex but the URI uses QueryString parameters and Nuget chokes on the “=” when parsing the package file.

So, I’m putting the icon image here on my blog so I can point to it with a public URL.


Comments (2)

  1. Did you try the svn address for codeplex? That should be a lot cleaner. See…/automatic-update-for-codeplex-projects.html for am example.

  2. Jimmy Zimmerman says:

    Actually the package doesn't freak on the querystring as stated. The XML is invalid with those characters present in the XML text node. You have to either escape them or use a CDATA escape in the value. For instance

    <projectUrl><![CDATA[Your Path With QueryString]]>

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