Stepping Through .NET Source with VS2010 and .NET 4

This morning I stumbled across something so cool… I had no idea it existed (I know some of you are saying… “What he didn’t know about this?)

How many times have you wanted to debug right into the source of .NET?  The feature is there, just turn it on…



After VS2010 completes automatically downloading symbols set a breakpoint and try something…


Here you see a breakpoint in my code (Service1)

WebFaultException<T> is a type in System.ServiceModel.Web – can’t step into it right?  Wrong…



Comments (4)

  1. Ashish Gupta says:

    Hello Ron,

    This is cool..I need to check this out. btw, how is this different from the "Just my code" which is somewhere in the Options?



  2. Ron Jacobs says:

    @Asish – when you check this, it unchecks the Just my code option.

  3. Didn't that existed at VS 2008 too? I have it infront of me at VS2008 right now. Anyway, it is a cool feature!

  4. Ron Jacobs says:

    @Aggelos – like I said… I had no idea this existed – I guess it's been around longer than I thought…

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