AppFabric-enabled WCF Data Service Templates (C#/VB)

After working out how to do the right thing when using WCF Data Services with Windows Server AppFabric I’ve now created a template you can use directly from Visual Studio.

The templates are available from Visual Studio Gallery or directly from within Visual Studio 2010.


Just search the Online Templates for AppFabric

Using AppFabric Monitoring with WCF DataServices
  1. Setup Visual Studio to run web site in IIS
  2. Configure monitoring for end-to-end tracking using the AppFabric UI
  3. Add a new AppFabric-enabled WCF Data Service to your Web application
  4. Update the code to use your model
  5. Run a few calls through your service
  6. Find a service call in AppFabric Dashboard and View Related Events

More on this later…

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