endpoint.tv – Activity Designers and Designer Rehosting with Kushal Shah

Windows Workflow Foundation in .Net 4 (WF4) makes it possible for you to build custom activity designers that allow different kinds of users to graphically design business processes. In this episode, Kushal Shah, program manager for the Workflow Designer team, shows us how you can build custom activities with support for the developers and end users who collaborate to build business processes.

Dowload the sample code from this video

For more information, see the Windows Workflow Foundation Developer Center on MSDN.

Comments (2)

  1. James says:

    Great demo of flowcharts, but how could a non-developer / analyst (i.e. business user) be expected to create/modify workflows without the aid of Intellisense?  Being a C# programmer, I need it just to remember the peculiarities of VB syntax.

  2. Ron Jacobs says:

    Yes – sadly we can't provide intellisense outside of the Visual Studio environment.  It is interesting to look at the ways in which others have allowed their end users to design workflows in a rehosted environment.  Of the cases I've seen, none of them allowed end users to directly edit expressions because they felt it was too difficult for their users.

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