Using AppFabric Caching Powershell cmdlets with AppFabric Beta 2 Refresh

Finally – I can use Visual Studio 2010 RTM with the new AppFabric Beta 2 Refresh release.  I installed it using the Web Platform Installer (still the best way on a dev box).


I couldn’t remember the particular cmdlet I was looking for so I remembered that we had a cmdlet called Get-CacheHelp but guess what…


After a while I found out the way to do it – which is more Powershell-ish if you please…


This works for any module – so back to work now…

Comments (2)

  1. Has cachehelp been removed? I just tried it on my machine and it’s not working for me either. If it’s been removed, can it be put back in please!


  2. I just blogged on using Powershell’s Set-Alias command to rebuild the Get-CacheHelp command – see

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