Clean that Project

Have you ever noticed that when you tell VS to "Clean" it doesn't really clean?  I don't know what it actually does but after a clean I still see bin and obj folders under my project.  When I want to share code with people I usually want to get rid of those folders as well as old test results created by unit tests.  I got fed up with having to manually remove these things so I wrote this nifty little tool that will recursively clean a directory tree.  Give it a try

Comments (3)

  1. Kay says:

    Cool little app, thanks a lot.

    It’s not clean by the way 🙂

    If you use Subversion, you can also use the Export command to get a clean copy (as long as you didn’t commit bin and obj folders)

  2. I have always been using CleanSources:

    Works like a charm.

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