Time For A Change

Every 2 or 3 years I get the yearning to make a change.  After 2.5 years of doing ARCast and speaking about architecture I've decided once again to make a career change.  Starting Feb 8th I will become the primary WCF / WF evangelist at Microsoft.

But Ron (you say) - are you an expert on these technologies? 

Um... no.  I would have to say that I am somewhat familiar with them, but by no means am I the world wide expert (though I hope to become that).  In fact, after 2.5 years of thinking at a much higher level I am rapidly coming back down to earth to discover how much I really don't know about these things.

So what will I do?

I will learn my friends... I will learn about these technologies and share my learning with you.  After all - we all have a lot to learn do we not?

As for ARCast?  Well I have a few episodes left to finish up and then there will be a new host for the show in the future. 

Will I do another podcast?  Perhaps...  I fully expect to do more screencasts.  Who knows exactly what will happen except that next time you see me I will probably be speaking about WCF / WF. 

Comments (4)

  1. Ben says:

    Congratulation on the new position.  I can’t imagine ARCast or my plane rides without you as the host.  Thank you for all the hours of learning and entertainment.

  2. Taking this change shows me something about your character. Many people do not handle change well and most must be forced into it, yet you are making a change it seems into an area your not an expert fully on your own. I admire that.

    I myself recently made a change from a large bank into a small consulting company focused on solutions in the .NET technology space. I also realized I hit my limitations and decided to jump deep into technology, something I love. (Go .NET!)

    In this sense we are both similar, both looking for a challenge, even if it is a risk. I really wish you well my friend, and like many others must feel; Arcast won’t be the same without you.

    Its funny that I would even use the words “My friend” since we only exchanged one email, but listening to your shows has really made me feel that I know you. Even before .NET Rocks, Hanselminutes, Security Now, or any other podcast I was listening to you in some digital format, it really helped open my eyes.

    As for WCF and WF, these are exciting technologies that could really use a voice. Knowing you’re on the job makes me feel better already. I look forward to seeing your new screencasts, podcasts and videos in this area. Good luck!

  3. Chris Bowen says:

    Congratulations on the role change, Ron!  Knowing what you’ve accomplished via ARCast, I’m looking foward to what’s to come for the WCF/WF world.  

    Exciting times ahead!



  4. Tim Weaver says:

    Excellent. Congrats Ron. Looking forward to seeing what you do with WCF.

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