Tech-Ed US 2007 – The Architecture Landscape

Whew! It’s finally done.  I just gave my one and only session at Tech-Ed US 2007.  I have to tell you I really sweated this one.  After giving the “Pattern & Anti-Patterns for SOA” talk for the last 2 years I knew I had to do something different.  The question was, what would it be?  Initially I thought about covering three broad topics but then I realized that they were so broad I wouldn’t have time to do any of the three justice so I decided to focus on one thing.  Test Driven Development and its influence on Architectural Patterns like Model-View-Presenter (MVP).

In order to build a foundation I had to do a simple example of TDD and then I showed a video of Peter Provost explaining TDD which was really terrific.  Later in the talk I showed some demo code to drill further into these concepts along with some demo code that uses NMock (which I really like)

The talk had a strange title… I was out of touch when they had to submit it so I had a title chosen for me.  Nevertheless I think it went well. 

Slide for ARC201 – Ron Jacobs on the Architecture Landscape

I also did a pre-conference session called PRCN01-Introduction to Software Architecture

Looking forward to seeing many of you ARCast listeners and ARCast.TV viewers here at Tech-Ed or at one of the other global Tech-Ed’s over the next few months.

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