Questions on SaaS

Today I agreed to do a presentation to give my thoughts on SaaS – (That’s Software as a Service) for the uninitiated.  It seems to me that most of the conversations I’ve heard around SaaS deal with the provider perspective.  Questions like “How do I create a SaaS application?” are mostly being handled by my colleagues Fred Chong and Gianpaolo Carraro.  But it seems to me that most people won’t be creating a SaaS application, they will be consuming it. 

So what questions come to mind around consuming a SaaS application?  Well mostly they are question of a policy nature.  The kind of questions that Enterprise Architects struggle with day in and day out.  I’m sure somebody, somewhere is struggling with these questions but before I give you my list, I’m wondering, what questions are on yours?

Reply here if you feel comfortable or send your response to ron (dot) Jacobs (at) Microsoft (dot) com