Must See ARCast.TV!

I have finally come up with a solution about the ARCast video thing.  Since I'm doing more videos now I decided to create a separate show with an RSS feed that has the WMV files.  That’s right – just go to and check it out.

I just completed a 5 part series with Remend – a company who is doing SaaS in a big way and doing it with .NET 3.0.  Check these episodes out.

ARCast.TV - SaaS @ Work - Remend Overview
ARCast.TV - SaaS @ Work - Remend Architecture Overview
ARCast.TV - SaaS @ Work - Remend Architecture Drilldown on Workflow and Services
ARCast.TV - SaaS @ Work - Remend User Experience
ARCast TV - SaaS @ Work - Remend Database Architecture

And there is more... so much more that I’m going to post a new ARCast.TV episode every Monday and Friday along with an ARCast Radio episode every Tuesday and Thursday.  That’s 4 days a week with more ARCast than ever, more to learn, more to love. 

If you want to be featured on an ARCast episode just send me a link to an audio or video recording telling me what you think about ARCast in 30 seconds or less.

And - it even works on my Zune.  Though it was tricky figuring out how to get the description of the video to appear on it.

ARCast TV on Zune

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