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Greetings from Las Vegas – the American playground for adults.  If there was ever a place that gives me the creeps – this is it.  So much vice and so little virtue around here…  But I digress.  You don’t read this blog to hear me wax poetic about vice and virtue.  I spent the weekend listening to 30 of the smartest people we could find think about web 2.0 and how it is changing our world.  Remember when the web first started and it was mostly static pages sometimes known as “brochure-ware”.  It was a moderate improvement.  Instead of sending a customer a glossy brochure about your company or products you could now send them to your website.  That was web 1.0.  It seems to me that the next shift was to that of dynamically generated pages with ASP and ASP.NET which allowed for personalization and interactive sites.  I don’t know why people didn’t call that web 2.0 – perhaps it was just web 1.5?  At any rate the next iteration web 2.0 is really about a programmable web.  In this world web sites deliver services (behavior), content (xml) and UI (ajax).    To be honest I hadn’t really spent much time thinking about this brave new world of web 2.0 but these conversations really got the juices flowing as my mind flooded with thousands of thoughts and ideas.  Of course most of those thoughts went right on down the drain and I’ll never hear from them again but it was fun while it lasted.  However, I did manage to capture some conversations with these top thinkers for ARCast so you will get to hear some of them.  Speaking of ARCast...

Today on ARCast

Indoor plumbing is just amazing isn’t it?  Think about what we take for granted – turn on the tap and water magically appears, yet for those who live without it life is a constant struggle to find clean, safe water to drink.  What does this have to do with architecture you ask?  Well my friend, we are on the verge of moving from plumbing that works (but just barely) to having incredibly awesome secure, transacted and reliable plumbing with Windows Communication Foundation.  Some folks I know have said, “Bah... WCF is just plumbing” to which I say – duh! Yes it is plumbing, but as my guest today Ami Vora says – it is essential for building the next generation of service oriented applications.


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