Autonomous Services – closer than ever

Remember the 4 tenets of Service Orientation? It was in the fall of 2004 when we first got wind of these principles which would define the way that the Indigo team thought about building service oriented applications. The tenets are

  1. Boundaries are explicit
  2. Services are autonomous
  3. Services share schema and contract not class
  4. Service compatibility is determined by policy

Now if you find these interesting but wonder what they mean you are not alone. Many people have pondered the significance of these principles and some of us have made a living out of interpreting them to the world. Recently I was chatting with Udi Dahan (The Software Simplest) about how the vision for autonomous services was closer than ever with the advent of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation being ever so near.

Like many people I had thought about these two capabilities as being entirely separate but Udi had some very interesting thoughts on how these two could be put together. So interesting were his thoughts that I asked him to come on my ARCast show to tell the world about it. He said great but first I need to blog this and then we can record. The result of all this are two terrific ARCast episodes one which is live today and the other which will go live tomorrow. I hope you listen in and learn something.

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