My friend… the legend.

A few years back some marketing folks here in Redmond ran a promotion titled Software Legends.  I remember it well because I took a photo with the cardboard cutouts of guys like Chris Sells, Juval Lowy and Billy Hollis at Tech-Ed Europe in Barcelona.  I then put a picture of myself with these cardboard cutouts in my slide deck and made a joke about how I was such good friends with these guys.  It was good for a laugh and I always like to get laughs in my Tech-Ed sessions (it helps the scores).  But I digress.  In the years since I have come to know Billy Hollis as one of the nicest guys in the business and also a guy who has great practical experience in building Smart Client applications in the real world. 

About a year ago I recorded my first podcast with Billy Hollis at a room next to the speaker lounge at VSLive San Francisco.  The whole podcasting thing turned out to be very good for me (after all it's now my job being the host of ARCast).  This year I recorded another session with this legend and asked him to peek into his crystal ball to tell me what he thought WinFx would bring to Smart Client development.  This was a very interesting conversation.  Way to go Billy!

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