Topics Maps / ARCast Acquired ArcTalk

Topic Maps – What a concept!

Topic maps… never heard of them?  Well neither had I until I my show prep for ARCast led me to an article titled “An Introduction to Topic Maps” by Kal Ahmed and Graham Moore written for the Microsoft Architect Journal Issue #5.  Kal and Graham are following up with an article titled “Applied Topic Maps” for Journal 6 and I interviewed Kal about this most amazing concept.  Allow me to warn you up front…If you skim over this article you will not get it.  I had to read the article over a couple of times before the lights came on but when they did I began to imagine all sorts of fascinating ways in which we could explore the topic.  We just recorded this ARCast episode this morning and I shall be posting it very soon. 


ArcTalk Acquired by ARCast

In a stunning announcement from Redmond today Ron Jacobs host of the new Channel9 show ArcTalk said that the show has been acquired by the Architecture Strategy Team and will be merged with the existing ARCast Show which will be renamed “ARCast with Ron Jacobs”.  The new show will continue to have the hard hitting one on one interview style of ArcTalk but will be combined with panel style “Reality Check” shows similar to the previous ARCast shows.  “I’m confident that we will have a hit on our hands” said Simon Guest group program manager for the Architecture Strategy Team.


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