On the road again…

Ok, I really intended on blogging every day while on this extended trip.  The only problem is that when I am on the road I get very busy!  Now here I am sometime after midnight in London.  I know I really should be asleep by now but my body still wants to believe it is late afternoon so here I sit blogging. I suppose that is a good thing.

As for Brazil, I must admit I had a great time.  It is a wonderful place to visit.  Especially Rio which has lovely beaches and beautiful sites to see.  I did get one day to be a tourist and I enjoyed it immensely.  The developers and architects I met in Brazil were really great people doing wonderful work. In fact I recorded 2 podcasts while I was there.

Last week I went to the Toronto VS Live and had a really great show there as well.  In one day I presented a 4 hour session on Enterprise Library for the local Microsoft customers in Toronto and then I presented "Patterns for SOA" at VSLive and also an introduction to Enterprise Library.  Needless to say Thursday night I was very tired...so tired in fact that I left my camera in the hallway but fortunately somebody turned it in to the VSLive folks and I got it back the next day. 

On Friday I went into the speaker room and met some folks who speak at VSLive on a regular basis.  Richard Hale Shaw and Walt Ritscher joined me on another podcast (which I have yet to edit and publish but I will do it tomorrow... I promise).  Then at lunch I chose a table at random only to find that I was surrounded by people who are using Enterprise Library and have listened to our webcasts. I was so impressed I decided to record another podcast with them (and no I haven't posted that one either).

Here I am now in London doing press and analyst briefings about Enterprise Library and waiting for our big event on Thursday at the Microsoft campus in Reading.  I'm hoping to see some of you there.

Ask p&p

I had this idea that it would be fun to do a live webcast with callers.  However because of the highly technical nature of the questions I'm not sure that taking random questions is a good idea.  After all, I could easily end up looking quite dumb.  So I decided instead to create a new alias askpnp@microsoft.com where you can send your questions.  That way I can pick and choose the questions we are going to answer on the webcast.  Can you guess how many emails I have received at this alias thus far?  Exactly 0.  However, I do get quite a number of questions addressed directly to me so this afternoon I decided to answer one of those questions on our pnplive.com site.  Check it out - it is a pretty interesting question about complex config with the configuration block.  I wrote a whole article and sample app at the Ask p&p page.

The webcast is just about a month away so I should have plenty of time to answer more questions so please, send away to askpnp@microsoft.com.

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