Blog Spam!

This is getting downright annoying... As if the spammers haven't already done enough damage to the internet, now they are attacking my blog!  Yep - this really annoying dude keeps posting replies to my blog entries with links to his stupid website with free movies.  I'm not sure what kind of movies he has (this site is in Chinese) but whatever the case I got tired of deleting his responses so I had to turn on moderate for blog responses.  He still keeps trying but no more spam accepted on this blog.  And just now as I'm writing this, some other jerk is at it as well!  Grrr...

Global Bank Integration Preview releases!

I have posted some preview bits for the Global Bank Integration project that I have been talking about in my podcasts. We created a workspace on GotDotNet at but some people have been telling me that they are having trouble connecting to GotDotNet so I also released it on my site at

Download it and tell me what you think.

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