Record setting webcast!

Wohoo! The first webcast in the Entlib series set a record for our team with 564 people participating!  You guys are awesome!  There were so many questions we couldn't even begin to keep up.  Then today we did the configuration webcast including another first - a hands on lab to go with it.  For a link to the slides and the hands on lab check my webcast page at

The Data Access Block Webcast is next Tuesday March 8th when Scott Densmore and I will go at it again to give you the inside scoop on this great new block.

Another Podcast hot off the presses!

This morning I took some time out to talk with David Trowbridge who is the architect on one of my projects the Global Bank Integration Baseline Architecture.  This is the project that we told you about back when we shipped EDRA (formerly known as "Shadowfax").  We have put together an implementation of the use cases described in the Integration Patterns book and well, the result is just fantastic.  You can read more about the project at our coming soon page and to hear the podcast just check out the podcast page on my site at

I'm still looking for people to join me on the March 31st webcast.  If you are using Enterprise Library and you want to come "On-The-Air" from wherever you are (you can dial in) to tell us your story, just let me know

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