Podcasts here we come!

There are some things that are just plain old fun... Take webcasts for example.  I have had a ball doing the patterns & practices live webcasts every Thursday.  So much fun in fact that I have now become the regular host for the show.  Yes...I said show.  We do it a little differently.  Most people treat a webcast like any other event presentation.  I don't because I found that I get really boring when I speak into a microphone all alone in my office.

About a month ago Paul Ballard from TheServerSide.net told me about podcasting.  As soon as I heard about it I immediately knew I had to do it.  It took me a while but I got some great equipment that allows me to do a mobile recording with up to 4 people at very high quality.  I had to setup a new website because there are just too many hoops to publish these on Microsoft.com so I updated www.ronjacobs.com and launched my podcasts.  I even created an RSS feed so tools like iPodder and others can automatically download the podcasts.  Check out my podcast page.

There are only two so far, but take a listen and tell me what you think.  Are these worthwhile?  Will you tune in to listen and learn?  Someone already told me that they didn't like the background music, they thought it was distracting so on the second one I used less music and made it softer. 

Enterprise Library Webcast Series
On another note... I hope you will all tune into the Enterprise Library Webcast Series you won't want to miss this top notch information.  Click here to go to our events page where you can register (or listen to the on-demand version after they are done.) 

On The Road Again...
I will be back in the SF Bay area again this month for the patterns & practices Summit in Mountain View and for a session at SDExpo (speaking at two conference on the same day!) where I will be presenting Patterns for SOA.  Stop by either event and say hello - I look forward to seeing you there.

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