Topics Maps / ARCast Acquired ArcTalk

Topic Maps – What a concept! Topic maps… never heard of them?  Well neither had I until I my show prep for ARCast led me to an article titled “An Introduction to Topic Maps” by Kal Ahmed and Graham Moore written for the Microsoft Architect Journal Issue #5.  Kal and Graham are following up with…


ArcTalk – Bring It On!

Over the last year I’ve had a lot of fun doing webcasts and podcasts known as patterns & practices Live!  However since I have moved on from being a product manager on the patterns & practices team to being an architect evangelist my scope has enlarged somewhat.  Now I’m free to talk about anything with…


Contending for Canada Tour Day 2

Ok – Day 1 wasn’t much… I just got on the plane and got myself to Toronto.  I did have a very nice extra long workout in the evening to make up for the many calories I will be consuming this week.   Today I presented my favorite talk “Patterns for SO(A)” and once again…


My Quest: Architecture

I’ve had a long career in software.  Nearly 20 years now during which I have been an enterprise developer, a premier support for developers rep, an ISV developer,  a dev lead, a technical evangelist, a program manager and finally a product manager.   During these 20 years I have worked with many different tools and…


PDC2005 .NET invades the platform (finally!)

5 years ago at the June 2000 PDC we told the world about .NET for the first time.  It has been a long road with some strange detours but it is truly amazing to look back on this road.  At the time I was a new program manager on the COM+ team.  Our team spanned…


Composite UI Application Block – today is the day

Today is the day… I can’t put it off any longer – I have to dive in and learn about the CAB.   “What?” You say “You don’t know the CAB!”   Hey… I’ve been busy.  I thought I would keep a journal of notes on my experience in learning this – maybe you will…


TechEd 2005 Reflections

What can I say?  TechEd 2005 in Orlando was a great event.  I really enjoyed getting to meet many of you who regularly listen to the webcasts and podcasts.  I had a great time and even appeared in a podcast video shot while I was giving a cabana talk after a session.  You can see the…


Generating the Data Tier

Recently a couple of MVPs from Mexico sent me a tool that they created called the DataTierGenerator for Enterprise Library.  This thing is pretty cool so yesterday afternoon I decided to give it a spin.  I was thoroughly impressed!  It does a terrific job of implementing the TableDataGateway pattern using the Entlib Data Access Block….


Dynamic configuration of data access block

It seems that about 3 times a week I get a question like this…    “How do I use the Data Access Block with connection information that is not known until runtime?” Well next week I’m going to answer that question in our Ask p&p webcast but I also wrote up the answer so that everyone…



How many times have you created a project and you needed to insure that a SQL Script was run to create a database as a part of the installation?  I haven’t found any good way to get this done so one afternoon I decided to create a library that could do this after a fruitless…