Installing Windows Automation API 3.0 for enabling CodedUITest on WPF Applications

If you are using CodedUITest to test WPF applications then installing Windows Automation API 3.0 is a pre-requisite. Without this the virtualized controls in WPF wont be played back correctly and since lot of the WPF controls like ListBox/Datagrid are virtualized by default , this will lead to failures. Windows automation API is pre-installed on…


Recording Hover’s in CodedUITest

Mouse Hover is an important part of a Application WorkFlow. Hovering on a control brings about changes in the application which leads to Controls appearing/disappearing , Properties of the controls being changed ,new windows coming up etc. Needless to say it is pertinent that all the Hover Actions are identified correctly during recording to ensure…


VSTT ThinkTime

ThinkTime by definition is the time spent by a User thinking about his next step. This has been leveraged in VSTT CodedUITest and Fast-Forward a Test feature in MTLM (as also in VSTT Web Test) to make the Playback more resilient. If the ThinkTime is turned ON then the delay between each actions is identified and stored…


Accessibility Issues with WPF Overlay Frame

Overlay Frames in WPF are sweet and present endless opportunity to innovate on the Application UI. I have seen some neat usage of it with great result. However there are some accessibility issues ( Wherein the ElementFromPoint returned is wrong )with Frame that renders Record and Play Unusable. However if the Frame is used in…


Back For Good

Its been more than 3 years that i started this blog and really it died on me…i started stopped and then stayed stopped.. However with the product i been involved in on the final home run i think now i have lots to blog about.. Hopefully now that i have re-started this blog, it stays…


Impossible is Nothing !

Well after seeing the run chase by South-Africa yesterday i am feeling really high. Not because they have ended Australia’s run of winning tournaments but because they have really shown that nothing is out of reach if u r willing … Really inspirational..


Hello World !!!

This is my post and like most programmers and authors do couldnt find a better subject to start my first blog…I sometimes wonder who was the first to write a “Hello World” program. any ideas anyone. Well about myself  joined Microsoft last month and am working in Developer tools division. Through this blog will try…