How to update and republish existing BCS definitions and InfoPath templates for External lists

So you have created BCS schemas, External content types, external lists, and InfoPath templates for the external lists. What if I you need to update it? Now what? Here are the steps to follow to perform this task: First update the BCS schema with the new columns using SharePoint Designer. Refresh the data sources, update…


Error in InfoPath web form while getting REST data from SharePoint lists

Environment: SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010 web forms, REST data accessing data in SharePoint lists Only users with “Read” permission level see this error when the REST data connection is queried. “A Microsoft SharePoint Server State Service error occurred while processing your request. For more information, contact your server farm administrator.  Click Start Over to load…


Powershell to add a geolocation site column in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 introduces a new Geolocation field to help us integrate geolocation information and maps into our applications. Here is a great introduction to it: Unfortunately, we cannot create a new column based on the new geolocation type from SharePoint user interface. It has to be done from powershell or programmatically. The powershell script below…


SharePoint 2013 – How to setup cross-site publishing, enable catalog, use Managed Navigation

New in SharePoint 2013, cross-site publishing lets you store and maintain content in one or more authoring site collections, while the content can be displayed and surfaced in different target site collections. When the content is changed in an authoring site collection, those changes are displayed on all site collections that are reusing this content….


SharePoint 2013 preview search crawl stuck in "Starting" status

Environment: SharePoint 2013 Preview, stand-alone single server farm Issue: After configuring the farm, I tried to start the search for one of my content sources, the status is stuck in “Starting” state. From Event viewer, I see the following error: “The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.CustomDictionaryDeploymentJobDefinition” After doing some search online, I found the following thread.…


SharePoint hosted Visio drawings cannot refresh data due to secure store exceptions

Environment: SharePoint 2010, 3 farms: Collaboration farm, Service apps farm, FAST search farm Visio was hosted on the collaboration farm consuming Secure Store service from the Service Apps farm. Issue: After publishing visio drawings to SharePoint, we were unable to refresh the data. ULS log contained the followign error: The Secure Store Service application Secure…


InfoPath 2010 browser-enabled forms cannot be opened – "The following document is not a valid InfoPath form"

Environment: SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010 browser-enabled forms   Issue description: We have alot of InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2010.  These forms were migrated from InfoPath 2003 client to InfoPath 2010 browser-enabled. Occasionally a few InfoPath forms cannot be opened in browser with the following error: There has been an error while loading the form. The…


Enable FAST search to crawl SQL contents using BCS and secure store

Here is my farm topology: SharePoint collaboration farm (SharePont contents) SharePoint application farm (BCS, Managed Metadata, Secure Store, User Profile, Web analytics) FAST search farm Ensure SharePoint collaboration farm is subscribing to BCS and Secure store services from the SharePoint application farm and FAST search service from the FAST search farm. Ensure FAST search farm subscribes…