Strategic Architecture solutions are a way of thinking

Expanding on my previous post on accountability, fostering alignment across the enterprise is really driven from multiple angles: market opportunity, technology opportunity, capability and business operations–all which create a business strategy. In that are 5 main tenets: effectiveness, competitiveness, agility, accountability, and efficiency.   One of the key objectives of Visual Studio Team Foundation server…

Driving Accountability with VSTF

I used to work with a developer, an agile methodology evangelist, who would often tell me stories about agile methodologies applied to industries other than information technology. In a specific instance, I recall him telling me a story about a Japanese auto factory that implemented the LEAN methodology for manufacturing.   Basically the story was that anyone…


Visual Studio Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider

Version 1.0 of the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider has been released to the web! This is very exciting for me–the MSSCCI provider allows the integrated use of the new version control system available in Team Foundation Server from products that did not support it OOB such as: Visual Studio .NET 2003 Visual…


Improving Team Foundation Server performance

Buck Hodges has a post in his blog outlining various tips for improving performance on Verifying LAN settings are correct Not running tf.exe on the app tier Batching TF.exe requests in a command file Tim Noonan has also provided some other registry tweaks to improve performance within the IDE Source:

The Differences between TFS Trial and RTM

I received a comment on my blog asking about the differences between TFS Trial and RTM. Here are some highlights:   Bits are 99.99% identical Trial has the same process guidance version of MSF (4.0), however, there are some known issues that exist with broken links in the Trial version of TFS (KB articles to…

Download or Order Virtual Server 2005 R2 for Free!

Download or order on CD a full copy of Virtual Server 2005 R2 for 32-bit or 64-bit platforms. The CD will be available May 2006

Security Risk Management Guide

A security risk management guide has been posted to the Microsoft Download Center to help our customers plan, build and maintain a successful security risk management program.

Some Helpful Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server books

Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (Out May 17) Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System is written for a software team that is considering running a software project using Visual Studio Team System (VSTS). It is about the “why” of VSTS: its guiding ideas, why they are presented in certain ways,…


Team Foundation Server MSF Development Process Downloads Available

The packages for MSF for Agile Software Development Process Guidance and MSF for CMMI Process Improvement have just been posted to the Microsoft Download Center. These processes are in use by Team Foundation Server and are available for free download. Enjoy!

SCRUM agile development methodology process template for Team Foundation Server

Conchango has released a process template add-in for Team Foundation Server. It’s free and gives you work item templates and nifty reports. More information on Thom Robbin’s and Rob Caron’s blogs SCRUM add-in download: