Easy String to Resource file refactoring

During the development of internal tools we often have to stop working on features and clean up after ourselves to ensure that strings and such are embedded in the appropriate resource files and not hard coded into our applications. This can be a very tedious and time consuming process. Luckily there is a refactor extension that makes this very easy.

Resource Refactoring Tool 

Resource Refactoring Tool provides developers an easy way to extract hard coded strings from the code to resource files.

Features for Resource Refactoring Tool

Works with C#, VB.Net languages. Supports all project types that ships with Visual Studio 2005 including web sites and web application projects.

  • A preview window to show changes.
  • Finds other instances of the text being replaced in the project automatically.
  • Lists existing resources by their similarity level to the text being replaced.
  • Automatically replaces hard coded string with a reference to resource entry.

More information at http://www.codeplex.com/ResourceRefactoring

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