Visual Studio 2008 Released

After months of waiting, I can finally say that Visual Studio 2008 was released last week. There are hundreds of new features, language enhancements, and technology integrations in this version. To help you get your head around what is new in Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5, get the training kit from Microsoft download center.

Some new features that I am excited about:

  • Visual Studio performance improvements
  • AJAX integration with javascript intellisense
  • Cider integration (WPF visualizer)
  • Multi-core builds
  • Windows Server 2008 / SQL Server 2008 support (TFS)
  • Vista UAC compliance
  • Continuous integration
  • Web Access
  • Integration of Database Edition (VSTS SKU)
  • T-SQL Static code analysis
  • SQL Dependency tree visualization
  • Schema reporting for documentation
  • T-SQL refactoring
  • New designers for SOA scenarios
  • Hotpathing (tell me where perf in my application sucks)
  • LINQ
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