Outlook 2007 Credential Challenge on Cached Exchange Server Connection

While nothing to do with VSTF or VSTS, I thought I’d share my challenges with everyone regarding an issue I was having with my Outlook 2007 instance and how I overcame it.

Each time I launched Outlook 2007 I was prompted for my exchange server credentials, which was odd to me because I was connected to our corporate network via a wired connection. After some troubleshooting the following process fixed the issue:

  1. Closed Outlook 2007, rejoined my machine to the domain and restarted
  2. Created a new mail profile and set it as default
  3. Opened Outlook 2007 and added a new account manually (that it I didn’t let Outlook 2007 add the information only) and typed in my exchange server and mailbox name
  4. Restarted Outlook 2007
  5. Outlook recreated my OST on disk and grabbed my mail

After that everything was working fine.

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