What I am looking for in a command-line work item tracking tool

John Lawrence asked in his blog entry "What features would you like for a command line work item tracking tool?"

I use a custom tool i've built now to help with tracking progress against work items defined in project server.

Since I can delegate tasks easily from VSTS, I like to use that, but at the end of the day I still need to update my work progress in project server.

My Wishlist:

  • Ability to get all work items (or run a saved query) and view the results on screen or output to file (like XML)

  • Other basic CRUD operations.

Until the bridge between Project Server and Team Foundation Server is solid, I will continue to use this tool to track my work item progress--i just think it would be neat to be able to track this without having to maintain a bunch of TFS plumbing code.


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  1. I find it difficult to manage many Shared Queries in the work item tracker of VSTF. Sometimes I want…

  2. Ideally I want a mechanism to execute stored server queries or ad-hoc WIQL statements and return the fields exposed therein through a variety of formats: XML, CSV, etc.

  3. Richard Murillo tells us what he is looking for in a command-line work item tracking tool.

    Joel Semeniuk…

  4. johnlawr says:

    Thanks for the feedback Richard – can you be more specific about the other basic CRUD operations?

    When you say "get all work items" do you mean just list out the work item IDs that are returned from the query, some of the fields, all of the fields etc?

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