Enabling alerts for Custom Fields in Work Item Alerts

UPDATE: The information in this blog post is deprecated as a new team owns this feature now - The feature is expected to be publicly available soon - another update will be posted when it becomes available


Right now when you create work item alerts some fields like priority will only limit you to "changes, changes from and changes to" operators, these are what's called custom fields (as opposed to core fields).

Many customers have asked about a way to enable remaining operators for these fields, we have been working on enabling this feature, the changes are already part of TFS15  (Not the same as TFS 2015  - see https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/bharry/2016/08/08/tfs-15-rc1-is-available/) and VisualStudioOnline.com

This hasn't been enabled publicly yet because of the significant impact it can have on the workload for customers with lots of custom fields.

If you are interested in being an early adopter let us know, you can contact me at rihams at microsoft dot com and I will be glad to provide instructions.

If you are using Visual Studio Team Services we can enable this feature for your account.

Feature Disabled:

alerts before

Feature Enabled:

alerts after

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