The new DLL Hell (aka as Nugget)

Today I was preparing a demo about Continuous Deployment to Azure from TFSService. For that demo I created a basic ASP.Net MVC4 with the internet Template, and try to build & deploy from TFS Service. Nothing “fancy” here, however when I start the first build I started to get Build Errors because some DLLs were…


Default Membership y SQLExpress UserInstance

Estos días estoy pegándome con Silverlight RIA Services, y resulta que todas las demos y tutoriales que he encontrado usan Membership, pero en vez de indicar la cadena de conexión en el Web.Config, se usa la configuración por defecto. Esta configuración utiliza una característica de SQLEXPRESS que permite “attachar” dinámicamente la base de datos en…


SEO keywords and My PageRank

In the last months I’ve seen how SEO has become a day-to-day conversation in web projects. From web-standards like XHTML, to better ways to display and link content (REST style URLs, no querystrings, and so on…) But few people talk about how to organize and measure content quality to improve the Page Rank. So I…


Web compatibility, Ajax in the 90s (IE3 days)

Some years ago I was focused on web development, on those days, end of the 90s, I was relativity confident with HTML/Javascript tricks to make your app  running with different browsers, almos IE3 and NS3/4. Both of them supported JS, so you can expect some “data-retrieval” and “in-screen-update” without a “page-refresh”. The trick was: For data retrieval…


Windows Live (another RSS reader)

If you are a RSS user, not just to read blogs, instead almost every syndicated content, you will be using any kind of RSS aggregator. This kind of software software uses to be known as “readers”. One of the oldest sites that provides this functionality has been since then, almost every portal has included…



You know I’ve been posting my favorite links to, but this one is a good security guide to protect applications so I want to post it here   It covers Asp.Net, Java, WebServices and more…


Online note tracker

There are a lot of tools out there to edit web content online, from blog editors, calendars or note trackers.   This one: is fast, clean and simple. The UI rocks !!   The task list editor is a nice demo of AJAX.   I’ve started a simple article (in Spanish) here:  …


AJAX for NET 2.0

The Asynchronous Javascript and Xml Pattern for dynamic web apps has a new implementation fot .Net 2.0


MSN to Begin Charging for Hotmail Wireless Access

I’ve been on holidays for the last 10 days. I’ve been in an island, and the only device I can use was my smart phone. I use to read my Hotmail inbox using PocketIE, however, and without any notice, MSN has Began to Charge for Hotmail Wireless Access.,0,1271836,00.asp?kc=MWRSS02129TX1K0000535 Curouos, we have to wait to some…


Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications

In the last year, I’ve seen a number of new web applications with nice rich UI interface, and most of them are standards based, so multibrowser-mulitplatform (thanks to firefox). I’m talking about things like the SelectContactControl of GMail. Today I’ve learned this new way to build responsivness user interfaces with we technlogies is called AJAX…